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Water Meter production
Wall mixer 6 Spindle SPM
Automatic duplex machine
Zinc Handle production
Hydraulic Broach Machine
Automatic core shooter
7 Spindle SPM for Flush valve
Eco Auto Angle Valve JAQ
Wate Flow Meter Testing Machine (Diverter)
Standard Auto Drilling and Tapping Machine
Vacuum Testing machine with auto fixture
Eco auto Bib Cock Arya Prod.
Eco MANUAL Long Body Prod.
6 SPM Solid Forged Diverter
Flow Meter Testing Machine (Single Lever)
Faucet Leakage testing machine with Water
Concealed Testing with air
New Standard Automatic duplex machine
HMI heavy automatic machine
Automatic production line- Eco Standard 4 stations
4 Station and 6 SPM PR